What is Pilates?

What is Pilates ?

Pilates is a form of exercise which challenges both the body and mind. The focus is on using the stabiliser muscles throughout the body to help move the pelvis and spine in a controlled and supported manner. This method of movement in combination with breath control exercises creates a therapeutic approach to exercise based rehabilitation.

All of the Pilates instructors at Oxford Street Physiotherapy are trained in this modified method of Pilates, making it achievable and safe for all fitness levels.

This Pilates method has been shown to help with conditions such as headaches, shoulder pain, pelvic dysfunction, hip pain and lower back pain. Benefits have also been shown in athletic performance, pregnancy and post-natal reconditioning.

Pilates focusses on activating the stabilizer muscles in the body, preparing it for movement and daily tasks. Once the stabiliser muscles can be readily activated, strength training can be commenced. This more effective way of coordinating muscle activity allows participants to train more efficiently.

Our matwork classes entail lying, sitting and standing work, as well as the addition of small pieces of equipment such as balls, hand weights and resistance bands.
For those who are not confident getting on and off the floor, the 3D Standing classes are a good option. In this class all work is completed in standing, which allows for increased bone loading and balance work.

Here at Oxford Street Physiotherapy our Pilates instructors use the latest research to develop their programs, and they are able to change these programs as required to suit all of our participants. Their effective application in conjunction with their hands on experiences as physiotherapists means you can be confident that you are completing the exercise which will be of the most benefit to you.