National Skin Cancer Action Week 19-25 November

Cancer Council Australia is inviting you to join the #SunSmartGeneration

With summer arriving Action week is an important reminder to all Australian’s about the 5 forms of sun protection;

Slip in sun-protective clothing
Slop on SPF30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen
Slap on a broad-brimmed hat
Seek shade
Slide on sunglasses

Did you know that two in three Australian’s are diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70?

Being sun smart, getting to know your skin and checking it regularly for changes is vital in reducing your risk of skin cancer.

Some helpful tips for looking after your skin include;

Protect Yourself

-Avoid activities during peak UV radiation (between 10am – 3pm).
-Wear long sleeves, sunglasses and broad-spectrum sunscreens to reduce direct sun exposure
-Choose the correct sunscreen type for the activities that you’re doing.

Check yourself

-Know your skin by checking your moles and spots regularly.
-Get a partner or friend to help you check those hard to reach areas.

The RED flags

The ABCDE criteria are a useful guide to detecting melanomas and some skin cancers. These are not fool proof, but a good place to start.
As a general rule, any lesion that is not healing back to completely normal skin within 4 weeks should be a concern.

A Asymmetry of appearance – If one half looks different to the other.
B Border or edge irregularity.
C Changing colours – either having multiple colours or losing colour.
D Diameter greater than 6mm (particular new lesions).
E Evolution – becoming raised, itchy, painful, bleeding or just looks different.

Remember, if you are concerned about any lesion, you should have it reviewed by either your GP or a Dermatologist.

Thanks to Oxford Dermatology, Mount Hawthorn for providing these helpful tips.

To support the #SunSmartGeneration or find out more information about National Skin Cancer Action Week visit http://www.cancer.org.au/